Watch These Girls Mime Through 5 Decades Of Pakistani Music

Sugar, spice and everything nice can never go wrong. What do you get when you mash up three talented girls, gorgeous dresses, a camera, a car and a number of super hit songs? A viral video!

The video features the mega hit songs of Pakistani Music from the past 5 decades. From Ko Ko Koreena, Aap Jaisa Koi, Dil Dil Pakistan, Yaar ko Hum ne Jaa baja dekha, Channo, Jugni – the video is an absolute delight to watch. The girls wore perfect expressions, perfect costumes and lip-synced excellently.

Don’t believe me? Just watch! Perhaps, dance a little as well?

Mime Through Time (Pakistani Version) is finally here!

Mime Through Time – Mime Through Time 14th August Special – Mime Through Time Azaadi Special – Dubsmash – Dubsmash 14th August Special – Mime 14th August Special – Dubsmash Pakistani Version

Mime Through Time (Pakistani Version)

By Ayesha Haq, Amina Haq and Aeraass Naeem