Watch Dekh Magar Magar Pyaar Sey New Song ” Tasveer”

The much-awaited promo of the latest song “Tasveer” from the movie “Dekh Magar Pyaar Sey” is now out, unveiling a sneak peak of the slow waltz between the suave Sikander Rizvi and the sultry Humaima Malik.

Providing us a glimpse of the chemistry between Rizvi and Malik, the song has been sung by Mooro and has been remixed by Talha Querishi.

Check the clip from the song here.

Just days away from its release, Dekh Magar Pyar Sey is aiming to reap the maximum doze of spotlight that has been currently seized by its rival Karachi Sey Lahore.

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Slated for the 14th August release, the rom-com will be facing an aggressive competition with movies like Moor, Maalik and Shah releasing on the same day.

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