Top 10 Fitness Freaks Pakistani Celebrities

Gone are the days when only an actor’s acting skills mattered to stay afloat in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Nowadays, it is as much about having a good physique as about being talented; perhaps even more.

Even for those celebrities who, as they say, are born with it, healthy diet routine and regular gym workouts are necessary to look as good as they do onscreen. Take a look at some of your favorite Pakistani celebrity fitness freaks gym-ming it out to stay fit and healthy:

Umair Jaswal
Coke Studio 8 famed, Umair Jaswal is the new hunk in town. With his classic chiseled look, Jaswal isn’t just in news for his vocals but for his physiques too.

Mawra Hocane
Currently shooting for her Bollywood movie, Mawra Hocane is working hard (literally!) to make her debut a marvelous achievement.

Mehwish Hayat
The Billi girl has come a long way since her debut. She has never looked more ravishing, and now we know why!

Fahad Mustafa
One of the most sought after actor of recent times, Fahad Mustafa is a regular gym freak and he has a body to show for it!

Sana Fakhar
One of the more “fitter” film actresses of the late 90s, Sana too has hopped on the fitness trend to look her very best for her new ventures.

Sadaf Kanwal
Having made her debut with the help of Frieha Altaf’s grooming skills, the reigning Pakistani supermodel, Sadaf Kanwal has a rigorous gymming routine to look as ravishing as she does!
Sadaf Kawal

Feroze Khan
We know for a fact that good looks run in his family, but Feroze Khan does his share of workouts to maintain his toned physique and modelesque good looks.

One of Pakistan’s top male models, Jahan-e-Khalid’s workout routine not only helps him look stunning but also to become an inspiration for many others to follow suit.

Imran Abbas
Complementing Imran Abbas’s chocolate hero good looks, is his fit physique to match. A regular at the gyms, the model cum actor loves staying in shape.
imran abbas

Junaid Khan
Having recently made headlines with his musical comeback, Junaid Khan has a #NoPainNoGain workout rule to maintain his ultra-toned body.

Hareem Farooq
Fast becoming a known name in the Pakistani entertainment industry, Hareem Farooq is yet another celeb fitness freak. We can see she is working hard to look stunning in her debut movie next year!