11 Qandeel Baloch DubSmashes That Prove Pakistan Has An Awesome Sense Of Humour!

Everyone’s favourite model, Qandeel Baloch(QB), is famous for her very… steamy videos. Us, Pakistanis, however, can find humour in EVERYTHING and this time it is QB’s videos. Some of these videos are downright hilarious and all of them have one thing in common – everyone is imitating QB. Here are 11 of my ultimate favourite QB dubsmashes!!

1. These two couldn’t contain their laughter!

2. His make up game is strong!

3. So is her’s!

4. Her’s has to be the strongest!

5. Wait….We have a winner!

6. Seriously, WHAT is in that chai?

7. She has done EVERY Qandeel dubsmash possible, hasn’t she?

8. This guy’s dubsmash game is on point! It actually looks like he’s speaking.

9. Here the whole family joins in on the fun!

10. This guy went the extra mile and did an entire compilation!

11. Aaaand then we take it too far… as usual

Who do you think did made the best Qandeel Baloch dubsmash?