17 Reasons Why Karachi Is the City To Fall in Love With!

Everyday thousands of people move to Karachi for quality education and/or a better jobs and they undoubtedly fall in love with the city. There is no place like Karachi in Pakistan. Karachi may not be as beautiful as Hunza or as clean as Islamabad but Karachi is definitely the most rocking city in the country!

Here’s why you can’t resist falling in love with Karachi:


1. This is the only city that celebrates all the cultures present in Pakistan

We love and respect all cultures. We can sing Sindhi songs, dance to the atan, do the bhangra and all of this like a BOSS!

2. It welcomes you no matter where you come from and what you do for a living


3. People from all races and religions practice their faith

A bullet-proof cross is being erected in the heart of Karachi. It is Asia’s largest cross!


4. Women have equal opportunities and freedom as men

Where else in Pakistan can girls play cricket like this?


Or commute freely?


5. Our Urdu may not be up to the mark but we know a little bit of Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi!

Sanu ki!


6. The food here is scrumptious and you will find a place to eat open to serve you even at 3 in the morning!

Karachi’s food is the best food you will ever have!


7. We have our own food festival!


8. This is the city that never sleeps, LITERALLY!


9. It is fast and FURIOUS!

You need to be fast and furious to survive in the city!


10. It’s as loud as it can get!

We don’t know what khamoshi is!


11. This city makes you a stronger and tougher person!

There is so much going on this city that you know how to survive EVERY situation.


12. We have more than just the beach – from scuba diving to ice skating, we have it all covered


13. This city celebrates art like no other. Music concerts, book launches/fairs, theatre, classical dance, graffiti – We are in love with every form of art!



14. Karachi is the fashion Hub of Pakistan!


15. K-electric or F-electric, we are still the city of lights!


16. Life in Karachi is so fast that you never really have to go looking for an adrenaline rush!


17. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan!


Come to Karachi and we will make you fall in love with our city!