12 Things That Only Pakistanis Do On Chand Raat


It’s the occasion that everyone waits for. After fasting for 30 (or 29) days, it’s finally time to celebrate! There is always excitement and anticipation for Eid and you can feel it all round you. Preparations for the big day begin as soon as the moon is sighted!
However, considering how Pakistanis have their own twist for everything, here are 12 things that we always do on chand raat.

Let the celebrations begin!

1. The hunt for the chand

Holding our breaths, we either sit in front of the tellies and wait for the Royat-i-Hilalcommittee to say the magic words or flock to the terrace with binoculars, yelling on top of our lungs, “Dikha k nahi?”


Now that the moo dikhai is complete, brace yourselves! An influx of calls and messages will bombard the brick in your hand, pretending to be a cellphone. Not to forget the numerous symbols and emoticons used for aesthetic value.

3. 10,000 trips to the darzi

“The tailor hasn’t turned the clothes in?” “OMG! How can he forget the lace and buttons?” That’s right folks. With the moon up in the sky, the faltering footsteps towards the darzi ki dukaan turn into gallops in no time!

4. Stocking the house with cakes mithai, nimco and other culinary delights!

There is a rush at every bakery, mithai ki dukaan and doodh ki dukaan and we all know why! Be it the gulab jamun or the sheer khurma, food is an integral part desi festivities!

5. Buying shoes at the last minute

Either waiting for the chand raat discount offers or simply putting off the task for a later stage, us Pakistanis know our footwear and when to buy those khoosay, sandals and flip-flops.

6. Chooriyaan and mehndi for the ladies

Who wears mehndi or buys chooriyan two days before Eid? That’s right, no one. The henna tattoos start to fade in no time and who knows the bangles might just break away. Want yourMehndi and chooriyaan game to be on point? Chand raat is the deal.

7. Getting the food on the stove

While you think about all the food you’ll have on Eid, mothers, sisters and wives get down to business in the kitchen. Be it the traditional Nihari, Qorma, Biryani or desserts like Sheer Khurma, every single dish is worth dying for!

8. Shopping begins late in the night

As soon as the clock strikes 11pm, the ones who are always late to the party rush to the malls and shopping centres! Ready-mades? Always the last resort.

9. Gearing up for namaz

With all the running around on chand raat, as soon as you retire to bed, the thought of the early morning namaz bothers you the most. Hence its either the multiple alarms or ammi ka chappal or both for the morning.

10. Plans for sleeping all day long!

There’s always that one person who gets his nefarious designs ready for the day.

11. Search for new banknotes for Eidi

One thing that everyone loves about Eid is Eidi! The race for new banknotes gets fiercer onchand raat, with adults trying their best to avoid embarrassment in front of the kids!

12. Going out for the ronaq

These are the kind of people who are done with all preparations well in time and leave their homes for markets and public places just to enjoy the ronaq of chand raat.