10 Qandeel Baloch Videos That Question Sanity

This post is dedicated to the newest edition to the list of people Pakistanis ‘love to hate’. Yes, my beloved readers, I am talking about the very talented ‘Qandeel Baloch’.

Qandeel Baloch is a true entertainer and you know what the best part is, she doesn’t have to work too hard on it. It just comes off naturally. So, here are TEN top times when Qandeel Baloch’s videos made me question sanity. You would want your wasted two minutes back after watching these videos, but they are entertaining, pinky promise

There is always something generic about the videos that she uploads; they are all in a lying position, she put on gallons of Mascara and is usually wearing the same clothes and the headdress and she is always wearing these weird lipstick shades, ALWAYS! Also, the fake angraizi accent is as obvious as the talent within her